United States of America: Unraveling at the Seams

Frosty Wooldridge

11/4/20235 min read

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November 2, 2023

If you don’t think America faces an unraveling at her seams, think again. We’ve got some really crazy, misguided, and totally nuts college students parading across America against America. They are threatening Jews with death. They are killing themselves with drugs. They are shoplifting this country into bankruptcy. They are marching at college campuses in favor of Hamas’ killing of Jews. They demand our institutions to lower academic standards because “math” is racist.

Our president and U.S. Congress have allowed over 8,000,000 illegal aliens, along with terrorists to enter our country in the past 34 months. The president of our country “really” doesn’t know what day of the week it is…and because of his dementia, he cannot pass a mental competency test to save his life. Instead, he’s killing America. Or, at least his wife and/or his handlers are killing our country.

As reported by NBC’s anchor Lester Holt last night, Miami’s Jewish old ladies are taking pistol practice at a gun range because they saw many signs, “Free Gaza—Kill All Jews.” The gun range owner said that his business has jumped 100 percent because of U.S. college campuses demonstrating in favor of Hamas’ killing of 1,400 Jewish women and children on October 7, 2023.

Even the Jewish U.S. Senator Jackie Rosen from Nevada suffered a death threat from an American Hamas supporter, for being Jewish. Jewish students at Cornell University face thousands marching in support of killing Jews. One bold student of Asian background, Patrick Dai, threatened to kill male Jews and rape female Jews. He’s now in custody, but what on earth allowed him to blast his threats all over social media? Is he crazy or are college campuses producing crazy people or what?

The FBI won’t chase down Islamic terrorists at our southern border, but they call our own citizens at school board meetings “Internal terrorists” because those parents don’t want their kids to be taught about “sexual perversions” in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades. Then, you find out that the FBI, which is supposed to be non-political, did everything in its power to foment the Trump-Russia Collusion Hoax for three solid years until it was proven to be fraudulent by whistleblowers within the FBI.

We’ve got Black Lives Matter burning, looting, and killing across our major cities, but no one faces arrest or a courtroom. We have Islamic Training Camps in America, but we Americans are called “terrorists” if we disagree with Joe Biden.

The National Debt just passed $33 trillion, but Joe Biden wants to give $70 billion to Ukraine while all of Europe contributes nothing to save one of their own countries.

One look at the 10,000 Muslims marching in London over the weekend in favor of Hamas’ slaughter of women and babies in Israel shows you what mass immigration out of the Middle East does to Western Countries. The same Muslims marched in Paris, France. They marched in favor of killing Jews in most major German cities like Stuttgart, Munich, Berlin, and more.

Who in the hell thought it was a good idea to import the MOST violent religion on the planet into Western Civil Societies? Do you understand Islam instigates the MOST tribal, barbaric aspect of human nature? How could those Hamas terrorists kill all those Jews with such brutality? How could they burn them alive in their own houses? Answer: it’s commanded by their Qur’an. “Cut off their fingers, cut off their hands, cut off their heads to honor Allah.”

And now, we’ve got 4,000,000 of these savages in the USA. They will remain peaceful only as long as our numbers and laws outnumber their numbers. But they still practice barbaric Sharia Law within America.

How stupid is it to pretend to be solving “catastrophic climate destabilization” with electric cars and banning gas stoves along with weed blowers when Dementia Joe just added no less than 10,000,000 legal and illegal immigrants to America in the past 34 months? Every single one of those refugees will burn more gasoline, more heating oil, more propane gas, more electricity, and more energy of every kind to maintain themselves.

And now, my two U.S. Senators want to bring in more Muslim refugees from Palestine. What are they using for brains and common sense? Do we not have enough racial and religious conflict in America without piling on more of what’s causing our societal conflict?

Then, we’ve got an Alaska airline pilot threatening to shoot the captain of the plane with over 100 passengers on board. He consumed some mushrooms two days earlier. Does that show you that we’ve got endless crazy people on drugs, mushrooms, pot, fentanyl, and worse?

Does anybody think it’s wonderful that so many kids are driving stoned today? What about the millions of people texting while driving?

Journalist Mandy Sleight wrote, “Although 48 states have texting and driving laws in place, many American drivers still take part in this dangerous practice daily. When driving during the day, there are an estimated 354,415 drivers holding a phone to their ear, and even more using it while driving, according to the NHTSA. In 2020, the CDC estimated that around 3,000 people die annually from texting and driving and other distracted driving practices.”

How would you like to lose your life to one of those mental morons texting and driving at 70 miles per hour? Or, how about the 14 million drunks on our highways that kill up to 20,000 Americans annually?

With all this craziness, lawlessness, and outright insanity, how do we expect to hold America together? How do we expect to remain a cohesive society? How do we expect to continue as a viable economic system? How do we expect to solve our incredible and incompatible religious divisions? Our racial divisions? Do you have any solutions?

Or, are we in so much trouble that there are no solutions?

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