Trump's Crucifixion

My take on Trump's crucifixion, and eventual resurrection.

Ken Pealock

6/2/20244 min read


No, I am not comparing Trump to Jesus Christ. My choice of this analogy is to make the leftists angry. I gave up trying to make them think. For everyone who can think, let’s discuss the persecution, conviction, crucifixion, and eventual resurrection of Donald J. Trump.

Whatever you want to say about Trump, he loves our country and refuses to surrender our sovereignty to a global government. That is why the lefty socialists hate him so much. They prefer to vote for the treasonous “Barabbas Biden”.

De Niro’s hatred of Trump is even worse. Like a rabid dog, he has gone insane to the point of frothing at the mouth and spewing poisonous spittle when he speaks. Other than rabies, the only other explanation for such visceral hatred of Trump is an incurable psychosis.

Another thing. De Niro’s entire career consisted of reading a script somebody gave him. That is exactly what he was doing outside the courthouse: reading the "Hate Trump" script that Biden’s handlers gave him. He has never had an independent thought in his life. He knows nothing and is nothing.

Does he and others not realize that the Biden criminal cartel, the CIA, the FBI, and the media, are colluding to prevent Trump’s election? Do they not realize that Trump is the only person who can stop the destruction of our country?

Are they suicidal? When the country goes down, they go down too. Their riches won’t last forever.

I am talking about the invasion of millions of unvetted aliens, the destruction of our energy sources, the inflationary debt, the unending wars, and the Deep State hijacking of the government to enslave us all. I am not saying Trump can or will save us, but he is our last, best hope.

De Niro and the media constantly prattle that Trump is a threat to “democracy.” But we do not live in a democracy and never have. The founders explicitly rejected democracy for a constitutionally limited republic. But thanks to a tyrant named Lincoln, who admittedly aspired to be an American Caesar, the republican form of limited government ended with the War for Southern Independence, which, Orwellian style, was mislabeled a civil war.

As for Trump’s charges, we know they were designed from scratch to interfere in his election. It was legal jujitsu. Proof is all over the internet so there is no need to rehash it here.

However, I must comment on the constipated Trump haters on The View–a program less polished and respectable than Jerry Springer’s scummy show. Joy Behar, for example, who allegedly found her (apparently blind) soul mate at a nudist colony, said she wet herself at the “good news” of Trump’s conviction. This political genius and her supporting cast of dunces don’t realize that all of us are in jail – an economic jail, that is, due to the Marxist income tax and the Federal Reserve’s inflationary schemes.

These income-leveling policies were signed into law in 1913 by a one-world president named Woodrow Wilson. These treasonous laws just happen to be two planks from the Communist Manifesto that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote were necessary to enslave a free people. Everyone knows this except for those overpaid lackeys on The View.

The View's motley crew (which is a more descriptive title for The View) has visions of Trump in a jumpsuit mopping the floors in Riker’s Island prison. Those laughing kookaburras hope so, but it won’t happen. And even if it did, Trump would still win the election from behind bars. Matthew Lyon did. I quote from the Tenth Amendment Center:

“Lyon was indicted on sedition charges on Oct. 5, 1798, and arrested the next day. A federal judge fined Lyon $1,000 and sentenced him to four months in prison. (4) He served time in a 16′ x 12′ cell used for felons, counterfeiters, thieves, and runaway slaves. Judge William Paterson – an avid nationalist and supporter of the Federalist Party – lamented the fact he couldn’t impose a harsher sentence.

“Lyon won reelection while in jail by a landslide.”

See: Today in History: Sedition Act of 1798 Goes Into Effect | Tenth Amendment Center

Secondly, all the haters of liberty who look down their nose at Trump don’t realize they are also felons. Not yet convicted, but felons, nonetheless. According to attorney Harvey Silverglate, the average person commits three felonies a day without even knowing it. His Amazon book titled Three Felonies a Day explains that the expansion of laws and regulations make it impossible to not be a felon.

Lastly, Trump’s lawyers failed him. I would have shamed the jurors during the Voir Dire selection by asking potential jurors to raise their hands if they never committed a crime. Then I would ask for a show of hands if they never exceeded the speed limit. I would ask for another show of hands if they never cheated even a penny on their taxes. I would ask if they never violated copyright laws. I would ask if they never smoked marijuana or other "illegal drugs". I would ask if they never accepted prescription drugs prescribed to someone else. And so on.

Anyone who refused to raise their hand is clearly a liar and must be dismissed. And since everyone is guilty of something, I would ask each sanctimonious asshole juror a final question: what gives you, a criminal, the moral right to judge another man and send him to prison? I might even go as far as to quote the bible from Matthew 7:5, where Jesus says, “You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

Speaking of the crooked justice system, you can learn how to protect yourself and your family from unfounded charges by reading my book They Left No Crime Uncommitted: How the Government Committed 470 Felonies to Frame Two Men (and Why You May be Next).

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