TIKTOK Poppycock

A Money Laundering Scheme

Ken Pealock

4/27/20243 min read


Biden just signed into law the latest unconstitutional bill for funding the wars in Ukraine, Israel, and a future war in Taiwan. Part of the bill was a ban on TikTok based on the absurd claim that it posed a threat to American’s “privacy.” At the same time, the bill renewed the FISA surveillance authorization, otherwise known as the warrantless Spy on Americans bill. 

It’s all poppycock. 

It is the U.S. that invades everyone’s privacy. Consider the NSA facility in Bluffdale, Utah that sweeps up everyone’s texts, phone calls, and internet activity:

“To understand the vast quantity of private data the NSA clandestinely intercepts, one only has to take a look at its massive Utah data center, more than five times the size of the US Capitol. Functioning partly as a sort of remote external hard drive, it has a storage capacity in the zettabytes—the equivalent of more than 100 million 1-terabyte personal computers. According to the data storage company Seagate Technology, ‘three zettabytes is enough space to hold 30 billion 4K movies—that’s so much cinema it’d take 5.4 million years to watch it! Or 60 billion video games—enough to let you enjoy nonstop gameplay for 86,700 lifetimes!’ And by now the data center may have moved from zettabytes to yottabytes, beyond which names have not yet been created. But NSA is not interested in video games or Hollywood flicks; its zettabytes are for storing communications people believe—mistakenly—are private.” James Bamford, writing for The Nation. 

This sweep is coordinated with personal information from data brokers who buy it from Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, and other online sources. Every time you agree to using an app, you grant permission for cookies to track your interests. In other words, China already has personal information about everyone. 

So, based on China's non-existent privacy threat to our non-existent freedom and our non-existent democracy, TikTok has been ordered to sell the platform and its superior algorithms or be banned in the United States. The backstory is that Google’s YouTube Shorts, and Facebook’s Instagram and Reels do not like competition from TikTok and want to buy the platform or eliminate it altogether. Money talks. 

As for the Chinese threat, the million-dollar question is why does the United States continue to trade with them? When Nixon opened the market for American companies, the proviso was that China would own 51% of the company and transfer all their technology to China. Brilliant. Sell technology to a communist country we would have to fight someday. Money talks.

And if China is such a threat, why didn’t the bill include blocking the invasion at the border? As I pointed out in a previous post, 37,000 of the record 2.5 million so-called migrants detained at the United States’ southwestern land border in 2023 were from China.  

Instead of protecting our borders from the Chinese, the government is spending billions of dollars on military exercises in the South China sea to allegedly protect Taiwan, the Philippines, Japan, and God knows who else. Gosh, maybe there is a profit motive since billions of dollars in military equipment are donated or sold to these countries.  

It’s a money-laundering swindle. They simply take the money from the taxpayers and recycle it to the defense industries in the United States. Recently two congressmen admitted that the aid to Ukraine, Israel, and others would create jobs in the U.S. Never mind that hundreds of thousands of people die in the unnecessary wars in Ukraine and Israel. The corporate welfare-warfare state must go on. 

The tax slaves are waking up. This is why the government must maintain their surveillance state and disarm the suckers before they rebel.  


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