The Pointless Republican Debate

Ken Pealock

12/6/20237 min read

Why are these losers fighting each other to be president? We already know that Trump will be the Republican nominee.

Thankfully the political show is over this month, and each candidate has flapped his/her gums with empty promises.

Let's face it, the criminal class in the media, big tech, and the financial system run the country no matter who is president. But take heart, they will not win despite their mass surveillance, their mark-of-the-beast digital currency scam, and their gun-grabbing schemes.

Let's examine the deeper truth behind the four losers.

Chris Christie. It must have taken a lot of campaign money and underhanded skullduggery to put him in office as governor of New Jersey. I'm wondering why he can't smile. Perhaps it requires too much energy to hoist all that lip blubber. Or maybe it's because he is too busy snarling about Trump to smile. Whatever. It takes a massive ego to have the courage to roll his elephant butt on the heavily reinforced debate stage. Needless to say, we can't afford the fuel to haul him around to doughnut shops on Air Force One. Nor can we trust him to run the country when he can't control his brontosaurus appetite. How many animals die to keep this worthless slug alive?

Niki Haley. "Nikki, (aka Dick Cheney in high heels), refused to support a bathroom bill to stop brainwashed individuals in the trans-cult from using women’s bathrooms. The bill would require individuals who are scientifically male or female to use designated bathrooms. Haley said that the bill wasn’t necessary. The hell it isn’t. This has produced a breeding ground for predators, rape, and violence."

Nikki has also teased she’s willing to make big budget cuts which include SS and Medicare. Of course, no president has that power. Those two taxes are set by Congress. She's deceiving you.

And like John McCain and Dick Cheney, Haley is another warmonger who believes “we” haven’t done enough for Ukraine. To Nikki, "we" means the sucker taxpayers--not her.

Last summer, senior editor Mark Maremont of The Wall Street Journal filed a report detailing how Nikki's husband Michael Haley was gifted secret ownership shares in a company tied to the Two Kings Casino Resort in Kings Mountain, N.C. “The stakes held by the politically connected people were masked from public view through several layers of corporations and limited liability companies,” Maremont noted.

They hid the shares, in other words, for what is called “pay-to-play.” The real scandal, though, lies in the fact Haley – the most unbridled warmonger in the 2024 presidential field – has been overtly saber-rattling in support of the precise foreign entanglement that would enrich her husband (and her) to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.

“Don’t wait for something to happen in Taiwan,” she told an audience in New Hampshire earlier this summer. “Do it now. Make sure our allies are working with them to make sure they have the equipment now, to make sure they have the ammunition now.”

“The equipment? Like military vehicles, missiles, drones?

“Last week, Haley’s financial ties to the military-industrial complex she breathlessly extols were detailed in another excellent piece of investigative journalism from Lee Fang. The piece explored “the curious background of Haley, who went from near negligible wealth – with virtually no assets or investments other than a bank account with less than $15,000 in 2017 and up to $1 million in debt – to a sizable fortune.”

“According to Fang, Haley’s warmongering has helped her (and her husband) amass a net worth of more than $12 million.”

When DeSantis went after the formerly family-friendly Disney, Haley sided with that super “woke” corporation hell-bent on grooming and sexualizing children.

Another thing. Haley was recently endorsed by the Koch network. That alone should tell you Nikki is the shadow government’s darling.

Way back in 2018, the Billionaire Koch Brothers launched a Super PAC to back politicians who support their agenda of open borders, amnesty, and endless free trade. The Kochs’ network of PACs and organizations joined together to elect candidates that fit their economic libertarian agenda, which stands in stark opposition to President Trump's protective tariffs, border wall, and America First

Ron DeSantis. Ron made a name for himself in Florida fighting the wokeness, child pornography in schools, and gender reassignment surgery. But is DeSantis bought and paid for like the other candidates? Let's see.

The information below seals the deal for not voting for Ron DeSantis. I know he has loyal supporters, especially over how he ‘handled’ the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria. But he’s running for president and Commander-in-Chief now. And while DeSantis has an exemplary and honorable record serving in the US Navy, he’s in bed with those destroying our country.

The Republican Party's number one shill Sean Hannity wets himself regularly when speaking about DeSantis and the great job he did helping manufacture the questionable COVID pandemic. Coincidentally, Hannity just happens to have considerable real estate investments in Florida.

Kat Stansell’s excellent investigation also exposes what most Americans don't know and it is outrageous: "In recent legislation, just signed by DeSantis, voting by machine was made mandatory, and hand-counting votes was forbidden. Let that sink in. The lying, cheating Democrat/Communist Party USA must love DeSantis and their legislature. Taking away the right of any candidate being able to verify an actual vote count is grossly un-American and stinks of corruption and fraud.

It's important to remember the words of the mass murderer Joseph Stalin, "The people who cast the votes don't decide an election, the people who count the votes do."

Joseph Stalin

On Sept. 11, 2023, Kat Stansell wrote: “The Election Crimes Unit for which Floridians are paying $1.4 million this year, has so far only tagged a few felons trying to register to vote and had a lot of pressers on the subject. No efforts have been made to resolve the massive voter record manipulations discovered by Kris Jurski’s People’s Audit, other than by a few individual county Supervisors of elections.

“To solve election issues, DeSantis’s Tallahassee team passed legislation mandating machine voting. Even the RNC had resolved to make hand-counting illegal and to allow audits, canvassing, and other verification procedures to be performed only by state officials. This hides fraud, instead of cleaning it up.

The Washington Examiner reported that the DeSantis administration provided $90,000 in tax relief to the Chinese company JinkoSolar in 2020, through his urban job tax credit program in Florida despite his denials.

And on December 1, 2023, The company was raided by the Department of Homeland Security in 2022 after allegations it violated the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act.”

Vivek Ramaswamy. Vivek is the only candidate speaking the truth and slamming everyone afraid to speak it. He has promised to abolish the corrupt FBI, the unconstitutional ATF, and the Department of Education. He has also promised to round up and deport everyone here illegally and to end pointless wars. All are necessary things to save the country, but Vivek would be impeached or assassinated if he tried.

And while he has endorsed much of Trump's policies, there are some troubling facts that must be mentioned.

Vivek complains about China but his latest pharma venture is in Communist China. Even a quick search will provide you with Ramaswamy’s long-time business dealings with the commies.

On July 29, 2023, it was reported that Vivek Ramaswamy aligned himself with McConnell, DeSantis, Club for Growth, and Wall Street -- all promoting for the U.S. to reenter the TPP Trade Agreement,

Thankfully, Trump got us out of the TPP and the scam Paris Climate Agreement.

Conclusion. The people get it. That's why these imposters have such low poll ratings.

So, where does all this leave us? If you still believe that elections can save the country, then Trump is the only choice. Like it or not, Trump will win the Republican Party nomination and will probably be the next president.

Let's hope he selects a better choice for VP than that flat cardboard cutout of Mike Pence.

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