The Castration of Benjamin Netanyahu

An attack on Iran is the only way to prevent World War III

Ken Pealock

4/15/20243 min read

The recent drone and missile attack by Iran on Israel has put many people on edge. The hand of a member of Biden’s national security team was reportedly shaking while he took notes during the Iranian attack.

This is of course a serious matter. Netanyahu must calculate the risk of a total war with Iran and how the IDF can defend against thousands of missiles striking Israel. An all-out assault by Hezbollah in the north with their estimated 200,000 missiles must also be considered.

These factors create indecision and delay.

Biden’s gonads are the determining factor in what happens next. Not since Lorena Bobbit whacked off her husband’s penis, no public figure has been more castrated (figuratively speaking) into hesitation than Benjamin Netanyahu.

Should Netanyahu retaliate or should he listen to Biden and the so-called world leaders urging restraint? This is not merely a fateful decision for Israel, but for the world. Iran is an Islamic theocracy dedicated to converting everyone into the Islamic religion. Their stated aim is to wipe Israel off the map, after which they plan to kill everyone who doesn’t convert to Islam.

Once Iran gets nuclear weapons, the entire world will be held hostage by an evil, terrorist regime that cares nothing for human life. Of course, the US doesn’t care about human life either since they have been funding both sides in the Iran-Israel conflict and are responsible for worldwide evil and misery. But let's set that aside for the moment.

Instead of handcuffing Israel’s right to protect itself and its population, the world leaders should join in Israel’s retaliation against Iran. I know I am sounding like Nikki Haley and John Bolton, but Iran is a totally different matter. A nuclear World War III can only be prevented by taking out the theocratic rulers in Iran, once and for all.

A collective effort to dismantle the Iranian regime is the only discussion that should be made at the UN – not more sanctions which only hurt the citizens and give Iran more time to put nuclear bombs on their missiles.

Absent a collective effort, Israel has no choice but to go it alone. I would take out Iran’s missile sites and nuclear sites by whatever means necessary. Then I would take out the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and the mullahs.

If a huge wave of missiles from Iran or Hezbollah followed these strikes, Israel would be fully justified in using tactical nuclear weapons to remove the threat. Putin himself said that when the survival of the nation is at stake nuclear weapons would be used. As we know, the United States did so in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when the survival of the nation was not at stake.

We don’t need any more pointless gum-flapping by the gutless governments of the world.

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P.S. This post focuses on the indisputable fact that a nuclear war is inevitable if Iran is not stopped. It does not excuse the terrorist acts committed by the United States since its inception, nor those of Israel. These and the current Israeli-Hamas conflict will be analyzed in a forthcoming post.

The Castration of Benjamin Netanyahu