The Arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu?

We can only wish

Ken Pealock

4/19/20243 min read

Naturally, it will never happen. 

There are also calls for Netanyahu to step down for allowing the October 7 attack to happen--and for the alleged genocide of more than 35,000 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip war. Here's my take:

We all know that the unspeakable atrocities committed by Hamas in the October 7th attack are inexcusable. This could have been avoided since evidence indicates that Netanyahu wanted it to happen. I refer to The New York Times, PBS, The Washington Post and other media reports that Israel knew about the Hamas attack plans over a year before the October 7th operation.  

In fact, Israeli Intelligence obtained a 40-page document that detailed their plan, including how barriers would be breached by bulldozers. More condemning is that it took most of a day for Israeli soldiers to arrive. Naturally, the Israeli government claimed it was an “intelligence failure.” 

Some argue that Netanyahu wanted a war because of corruption charges that were expected to be lodged against him. Commentator Mark Levin says he does not believe Netanyahu would allow Israeli civilians to be slaughtered just to stay out of prison. I disagree. The Israeli government has never shown itself overly concerned with innocent lives, as the ongoing massacre of 35,000 Palestinians in Gaza shows. 

More evidence is the murder of the World Central Kitchen aid workers. The Israeli military was notified that three vehicles would be leaving, and each vehicle had clearly marked insignia on the roof. The vehicles were struck with missiles, one by one over a 1-½ mile dash for their lives.  

Nor did previous Israeli administrations care about the lives of the American sailors on board the USS Liberty spy ship during the Six-Day War on June 8,1967. The Liberty displayed an American flag and could not be mistaken for anything else. Yet the Israeli pilots made repeated strafing runs, which resulted in the death of 34 crew members and the wounding of 171. According to former Mossad intelligence officer, Victor Ostrovsky, the U.S. Liberty spy ship had intercepted communications of Israeli troops executing Palestinian prisoners in cold blood. The evidence had to be destroyed. 

Years later on October 7, 1985, the Italian ocean liner MS Achille Lauro was hijacked by four members of the Palestine Liberation Front. At that time, the US and other nations were pressuring Israel to deal with the Palestinians. According to Ostrovsky, the entire hijacking was orchestrated by the Mossad to nix any deals with the PLO. A wheelchair-bound 69-year-old Jewish American named Leon Klinghoffer was murdered and shoved over the side by the terrorists. Collateral damage. 

I am tired of the lies and the murders. 

P.S. As an aside, The American government used the same “Intelligence failure” excuse when they were warned of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center Towers and ignored it. What the mass media didn't report is that the USA had tried for a year to negotiate a deal with the Taliban for a pipeline through Afghanistan. After the Taliban refused, CIA trained Osama Bin Laden organized an attack on the World Trade Center towers. The pipeline didn’t happen, of course, but there was money to be made for the MIC and lots of opium for the Cocaine Intelligence Agency to smuggle. 2,459 US military personnel died in the Afghanistan war with thousands more injured. Collateral damage.

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The Arrest of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Due to the terrible humanitarian situation in Gaza, the Hague may soon issue arrest warrants for political and military leaders in Israel. According to The Times of Israel, these arrest warrants would name Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, cabinet members, and IDF officers for violations of international law and the Fourth Geneva Convention.