Only Cops and Other Criminals Will Have Guns

Ken Pealock

8/1/20225 min read

The political scum of the earth in the U.S. House of non-representatives passed yet another gun confiscation bill. Although it has no chance of passing the senate, these votes constitute a felony under Title 18 U.S.C. section 241. Their votes are also a violation of their oath of office to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

This will probably be my last post on the right to keep and bear arms. In my prior posts, I've definitely proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is a criminal conspiracy to disarm everyone. However, one thing we still need to discuss is the red flag laws, the denial of firearms to convicted felons, and the white supremacist scam.

As you know, the red flag laws and the denial of firearms to convicted felons (and other "prohibited" persons) are unconstitutional. These laws violate due process because you are being punished for what you might do, as opposed to what you have done. "Might and maybe" crimes allow the government to ban anything at all, which is their "back-door" gun confiscation scheme.

The red flag laws do not prevent someone from making a gun or using a knife or a baseball bat to harm someone. If someone threats another person, online or otherwise, they should be arrested and locked up. Terrorist threats and acts are a felony under every state law.

The truly violent and dangerous felons should get 30-year sentences and then be released, if at all, on lifetime probation. At least on the federal level, most convicted felons are not violent and cannot lawfully be denied the right to self-preservation of themselves and their family. Yet, unlike under state laws, federal felons cannot even apply to get their gun rights back. This is because congress withdrew funding for processing applications.

There are at least 25 million former felons on the street who are denied the right to self-defense with a firearm. They cannot possess ammunition either. But that's not all. Under the constructive possession laws, their family members also cannot have a firearm in the house, inside a car, or on their person when with the felon. Likewise, even an armed bodyguard, paid or otherwise, cannot possess a firearm while in the presence of a felon. So the number of people barred from firearms is closer to 50 million Americans.

In certain writings prior to her appointment to the Supreme Court, Justice Amy Comey Barrett questioned whether it was constitutional to bar non-violent felons from possessing the means of protecting their life. We know it is unconstitutional for the federal government because they don't have jurisdiction under the 2nd and 10th amendments. But it is likewise unconstitutional for states to bar private ownership of firearms since the right to life is fundamental: If you don't have the right to self-preservation, then you are denied the right to life.

According to Attorney Harvey Silvergate, there are now so many laws that the average person commits 3 felonies a day without knowing it. So if convicted felons are so dangerous, why not deny firearms to unconvicted felons as well? What's the difference? Of course, the government intends to disarm everyone by any means possible.

We've seen the evil caused by firearm laws at Ruby Ridge and Waco. The government murdered scores of people while enforcing unconstitutional federal firearm laws banning the possession of sawed-off shotguns, machineguns, silencers, and other dangerous weapons. The Oklahoma City bombing was an aftershock of those massacres--a predictable act of revenge by Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. Get ready for a lot more carnage as congress continues to violate our rights.

We now turn to the government's crackdown on so-called white supremacy. This is really a communist purge of patriots who might resist the government's war on liberty. There aren't that many white supremacists to be a serious threat. Remember when Obama purged the military of alleged white supremacists? Remember when Biden referred to libertarians and patriots (and anyone protesting the teaching of critical race theory and perverted sex to their children) as terrorists? Remember how AG Merrick Garland had the gall to go on national television and claim that white supremacy was the greatest threat the nation faced? Now we discover that a special "Justice" department task force has been organized to identify and monitor these alleged terrorists. We've also learned that the FBI has been ordered by Garland to "gin up" violent incidents by using prison fights among a handful of white nationalists in prison.

Folks, it's a ruse. It's simply a disguised means of identifying patriots, in the military or otherwise, who might resist the government's great reset communist tyranny. This is how communists work. But whether you classify it as communism, fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism, or whatever, it's all about dominating us and has been planned for a long time. In private, they call it an iron fist in a velvet glove. It means, they intend to rule while pretending it is for our own good. Acceptance of the useless mask mandates and submission to vaccines, even to the point of surrendering our children to dangerous drugs, are what former Secretary Pompeo called "an exercise." This exercise is what the late historian Taylor Caldwell wrote about in her novel, The Devil's Advocate: The Epic Novel of One Man’s Fight to Save America from Tyranny. They needed to see how much tyranny people will accept before they move to the next steps.

And we already see what the next steps are: unchecked crime, open borders, inflation, destruction of the currency, and gun confiscation. These are necessary preludes to the great communist reset. In regards to crime, the reason leftist governors and mayors are releasing violent criminals without bail in New York City and defunding the police is to create chaos in order to justify gun confiscation.

In the Soviet Union, criminals were released onto the streets for this purpose. Hitler did the same thing and even hired thugs called "Brown Shirts" (until he decided to dispose of them). Castro also released criminals onto the streets to justify authoritarian rule in the name of "protecting" the public.

Now you know why everything is falling apart. It is an ongoing conspiracy by the CIA-infiltrated news media, Soros-financed political criminals, gangster banksters, the corrupt FBI, and a top criminal named Merrick Garland running the injustice department. I don't count Biden because he doesn't even know he's the putative president.

None of this is a "conspiracy theory," a term invented by the CIA to attack someone's character to avoid addressing their valid claims. The media does this all the time by labeling anyone who questions the prevailing narrative as racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, etc. No debate is allowed.

The communist conspirators are now so emboldened they openly brag about a great reset where you will own nothing and be happy. Speaking of the CIA, you might want to grab a copy of my book, DIRTY LAUNDRY: How I Stole Billions in CIA Drug Money, Almost. Therein you will find lots of nice names and classified documents related to the government's sponsorship of drug importation, money laundering, and a planned dictatorship by the rulers. You can also learn more about the unconstitutional firearms laws in my other book, Ban Assault Bananas.

Keep your powder dry.

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