Shinzo Abe Killed With Homemade Gun

Gun Control Doesn't Stop Violence

Ken Pealock

7/9/20222 min read

Shinzo Abe, the former prime minister of Japan, was assassinated on Friday.

Japan has some of the strictest gun control laws in the western world and yet they didn't stop someone from killing the former prime minister in broad daylight with a homemade gun.

The crude gun appears to have been made with wooden sticks, pipes, explosive powder, tape, and an electrical igniter. Anybody can make a crude firearm like this without any tools.

True, this crude device is nowhere close to the destructive power of an AR-15, for example, but herein lies the rub. Since necessity is the mother of invention, it is only a matter of time before people bypass the government's restrictions on self-defense with even more destructive weapons.

Meanwhile, state governments here are busy writing new regulations on semi-auto rifles, high-capacity magazines, and expanded background checks to infringe on everyone's right to own a firearm for personal and collective self-defense.

Lest anyone forget, the 9/11 hijackers and the Boston Marathon Bombers were not affected by useless background checks and didn't need "high capacity" magazines. And what about the Beltway Snipers in DC, Maryland, and Virginia? They didn't use so-called assault weapons--only a hunting rifle from inside the trunk of a car.

In the first draft of my novel, The Ultimate Scorpion's Sting, I wrote a scene where a (government) terrorist dressed as a fireman entered a crowded theater. He (the FBI terrorist) combined a 2000 psi scuba tank with a gravity-fed hopper and tubing to fire 3000 ball bearings into the audience within seconds. In another scenario, the terrorist went into a theater with a flamethrower and burned everybody to a crisp. I removed these scenes from the novel out of an abundance of caution. No need to give ideas to anyone, especially the redneck dummies the FBI seems to routinely set up.

In my book Ban Assault Bananas, I explain the fraudulent and futile gun control laws in this country. Click on books in the above menu.

The politicians and media constantly parrot the term "gun violence." But there is no such thing as violent guns any more than there are violent cars or violent knives. These are catchwords to turn the public against firearms possession.

The issue is violence and heavily focusing on guns does not solve the problem. The politicians don't want violent crime to end--it's how they justify their miserable positions of power. Without a problem to solve, the public would discover that political parasites aren't needed.

This explains the irrational defund-the-police movement, the no-bail policy in New York City, and reduced bail in other big cities.

A perfect example comes from Fox News. "A man in the Houston area of Texas was charged with making threats against Sen. Ted Cruz but remains at large after a court let him free on a personal recognizance bond."

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