Did Pete Buttigieg Go Bonkers?

Only secured schools can stop mass murder

Ken Pealock

6/6/20222 min read

On Sunday's ABC’s “This Week” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was asked by George Stephanopoulos, “...In the wake of this epidemic of gun violence, what would you be doing?"

Buttigieg replied, “Will we actually acknowledge the reasons why we’re the only country, the only developed country, this happens on a routine basis? The idea that us being the only developed country this happens routinely, especially in terms of mass shootings, is somehow a result of the design of the doorways on our school buildings is the definition of insanity if not the definition of denial.”

Mrs. Buttigieg Says Blaming Gun Violence on School Security Is ‘Insanity’

Photos caught on hidden camera!

The reason this happens "routinely" is because the schools are NOT secure.

You don't hear about crazies shooting up the courthouses because their doorways are secured with a single point of entry and armed guards.

Same thing in Israel. Terrorists cannot get into their schools because they use "common sense" security measures to keep them out. Does anyone remember that after 9-11 the government advised everyone to avoid large gatherings and to secure doors? Facts don't seem to matter to Pete Buttigieg and the gun grabbers.

Here's a fact: Someone who plans to commit mass murder will find a way to do it. An AR-15 just happens to be the most convenient weapon. Fact check #2: A shotgun is more deadly because nobody survives a shotgun blast to the head or torso. The shooter's grandmother and some of the kids survived a .223 bullet from an AR-15 style rifle.

And what's up with banning high-capacity magazines? When lunatics go into a school they have plenty of time to reload any type of weapon, including shotguns and revolvers. What are the kids going to do, call the cowering cops like they did in Uvalde?

Lastly, once you restrict AR-15s, sooner or later a crazed lunatic will go into a school with a home-made flame thrower, or a sack of pipe bombs, or a dozen Molotov cocktails. Nobody will survive.

I ask again, Did Pete Buttigieg go bonkers?