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Ken Pealock

5/19/20244 min read

My Interview With a CIA Assassin

Before watching the video of my interview with a CIA assassin, a little background information may help:

I first became aware of a CIA agent/assassin named Roberto Ferrera from a CIA operative whom I met in 2003. After numerous conversations, he reluctantly provided me with documents confirming the CIA’s role in smuggling drugs and his role in laundering the proceeds.

The primary document is a 22-page FBI report given to me by a CIA operative, who, for security reasons, I refer to as Frances Marion. According to the heading of the report, it was produced by their internal Intelligence Division at the request of the late senator Ted Kennedy and is classified top secret.

The first paragraphs of the report set the stage:

Dear senator, per your oral requests of June 5th, 1989 for a full report on the Japanese, Singapore, New Zealand, Kentucky connection, what follows is a complete and thorough investigation. It is based on all available files of the Bureau, as well as any top secret confidential or personnel files from the DOD, the CIA, and the departments of the Navy, Army, and Marine Corps. I have also reviewed borrowed microfilm records of the World War 2 Office of Strategic Services, the OSS. If this top secret report were to be leaked in any portion, senator, you understand that our agents planted in the above agencies would be exposed and over 15 years’ work would be in total disarray.

Due to the nature of the one common link in the total operation, which will be outlined, we have interpreted your request to include an in-depth investigation into the present assignment of Major General Robert L Ferrera, as well as his total work from February 2nd, 1942, to the present. That investigation is as complete as possible given the total silence we have encountered whenever we have as much as mentioned his name.

The report continues: During the tenure of Richard Helms as director of the Central Intelligence Agency, decisions were made by the director, with implied approval of the Oval Office, to draft a blueprint and put into motion a plan by which the CIA could have as much funds as needed without knowledge of Congress. This would accomplish the dual purpose of carrying out clandestine and covert operations without the clearance of the Congress. It would also avoid the necessity of having to request any extra funds and thus divulging the workings of any covert operations in progress or planned.

Director Helms wrote a memo to the Oval Office, which we intercepted, in which he stated in part, if Congress or any other uninformed do gooders ever become aware of this operation, this agency and its director will invoke the 1949 Central Intelligence Agency act. That act exempts the CIA from all laws requiring the disclosure of functions, names, official titles, salaries, and numbers of personnel employed by the agency.

Using this as a cloak of legality, director Helms put together a team of five top people. the five experts picked were General Edward Lansdale, who ran the CIA activities in Vietnam; William Colby who was to be put in total command of The Blueprint operation when enacted; George Bush, who asked and received approval to have his top aide, Richard Armitage be aboard; and Lt. Col. Robert Ferrera, a top CIA asset; who at the time was on an assignment in the Congo on the Patrice Lumumba situation.

The report states that the master plan called for the CIA to enter into the drug smuggling business in a total and complete fashion. It explains how four members of the gang of five were selected on the basis of their special skills, as well as the duties of each member. Bush was chosen for his knowledge of China and his wartime flying ability to handle the opium from China. Armitage was brought along by bush as his personal gofer. general Lansdale was selected to handle the distribution and collection services within the military in Vietnam. William Colby's job was to set up the runners, peddlers, pushers, collectors, as well as eliminate anyone who might prove to be uncontrollable, be they American or Vietnamese. Lieutenant Colonel Ferrera, subsequently promoted to a Major General, was to use his contacts in Latin America and in the Middle East to obtain from various governments the needed drugs, heroin, cocaine, marijuana, LSD, etc. Bush was to handle the opium from China.

The operation was given the name of Eagle two, at the request of Ferrera. He felt it would be lucky to have the same code as the Eagle project he had participated in when he was with the OSS. Before the operation was really off the ground, Colby started his phase of elimination of dissidents. He did so under the code name of Phoenix. But Colby became insane with his power and before he finished with Phoenix, over 20,000 suspects were executed and over 2,500 US citizens were accused by Colby of being collaborators.

They vanished...

Watch the astounding 20-minute video for more information, including Roberto Ferrera's admission that the CIA was involved in assassinating John F. Kennedy.

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Their first task is to disarm every American, with the ultimate aim of turning over our military and nuclear weapons to the United Nations.

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