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My mission is to expose the criminality of the federal government and the corruption of the so-called Justice system. Not bragging, but I am uniquely qualified.

You see, everything they did to Trump, they did to me 1000 times worse!

I faced down the corrupt justice system in two kangaroo federal trials, where, before, during and after, more 470 felonies were committed against me.

I lost everything.

I was devastated when my innocent co-defendant was murdered in prison. I was angry when my best friend was locked up for 90 days to prevent him from assisting me. I was surprised to discover that the judge was helping the prosecutor. Then I found out my lawyer was on drugs when he told me to represent myself.

All that is just for starters. During my extended sojourn, I learned federal and constitutional law inside and out, filed numerous appeals and writs of certiorari to the Supreme Court, as well as numerous lawsuits. All to no avail. They ignored them, they lied, and they denied.

My awakening to the total corruption of the judicial system is described in my book, They Left No Crime Uncommitted. You will receive a downloadable link to a free PDF version with your donation of any amount, large or small.

Most amazing of all is that I temporarily acquired power of attorney over hundreds of secret CIA bank accounts. These contain hundreds of billions of dollars in illicit funds from drug smuggling, and other crimes. I learned the hard way that we no longer have a lawful government (assuming we ever did).

This incredible CIA bank account story is described in my book, Dirty Laundry. Therein you will find the names of hundreds of high-level officials complicit in this ongoing criminal activity. You will receive a downloadable link to a free PDF version with your donation of any amount, large or small.

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