David Stockman Goes Bananas Slamming Trump

Trump Derangement Syndrome on Steroids

Ken Pealock

4/21/20242 min read

David Stockman Goes Bananas Slamming Trump

David Stockman, the former Director of the OMB (1981-1985) under the late President Reagan, went completely bananas in a scathing article unmatched by Trump’s worst critics. With spittle drooling from his gaping mouth, he makes the astounding claim that “95% of the arrivals on the southern border are job seekers, who are forced to pretend that they are asylees.... indeed, the only criminals coming across the border are the brutal spawn of Washington’s demented war on drugs.”

Stockman blithely ignores the fact that anyone who crosses the border illegally is a criminal. He also ignores the fact that 37,000 of the record 2.5 million so-called migrants detained at the United States’ southwestern land border in 2023 were from China.

They didn’t come because of the drug war. Instead, their criminal border crossing is the result of a slowing Chinese economy and tightening political control by President Xi Jinping, and easy access to online information on Chinese social media about how to make the trip. Never mind the facts, Stockman eats another rotten banana, saying “So end the war on drugs and let the flowers and poppies bloom stateside...[immigrants] are powerfully motivated people looking for work.”

Hashish Stockman concludes with an equally astounding claim that we can “thank our lucky stars for RFK’s courageous decision to pursue the presidency as a third-party candidate...only RFK can stop Trump in the Electoral College and send the election to the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in 200 years...a dangerously long-shot way to save the Republic, but alas, it’s the last best shot that remains.”

Sadly, “the Republic” was lost in 1864 by a tyrant named Abraham Lincoln. But never mind the facts, surely the republic can be resurrected by RFK’s liberal ideology and his establishment billionaire VP. As an aside, this financial guru was indicted on March 26, 2007, for investment fraud.


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